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The Beautiful Christiansborg Palace

Now that the weather is starting to get colder and colder, I’ve decided to roam around the city as much as I can. Now, Christianborg Palace is located in a small island called “Slotsholmen”  in Copenhagen harbor in the heart of the city. This is actually a very good place to visit because there’s a lot […]

The not so complete tour at Fredensborg Slot, Denmark

So this is the very first castle in Denmark that I have visited since I got here last May. Unfortunately, during the time of our visit, they didn’t allow visitors to enter the palace,  mainly because I think we got there a little bit late (lol). Anyway, if you are traveling from Kobenhavn Lufthavn (Copenhagen […]

Copenhagen: Canal Tours

Explored the city through a canal tour!! It was an hour long guided tour around the city harbors and canals. Here are some of the things I’ve seen and learned. 🙂

Midsummer Climax

St. John’s Eve (June 23rd is the birthday of John the Baptist) is usually celebrated by the Danes by meeting with family or friends and having dinner together. However, the highlight of this day is the bonfire where they place a straw witch on top of it to be burned. It is said that the burning […]

Hej fra Danmark!

Hello wonderful people! I am Alexa, the co-author of this blog together with my best friend Kim. We hope to share our little adventures, show you different cultures and the beauty of places that we have come to visit.